5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid!


How You CAN AVOID Social Media Mistakes! Read On-Social Media 2 300 x 300)

1. Don’t Jump Into Social Media Marketing Without A Plan!

Without a plan to create consistency and value content to your niche market, you may be doomed before you start. Certainly, after the initial excitement of launching and fulfilling your dreams of making it big on the internet, without great content and regular posting your audience may lose interest and look elsewhere to someone that can provide the answers to whatever problems they may have.

Your plan should build on your presence and keep building. It will involve time, strategy, goals and plenty of interaction with your niche audience. A good analogy to remember so that you don’t get disheartened at the start and along the way is the 1:9:90 rule-

1% of people participate actively.

9% of people comment and interact occasionally.

90% are stalkers who do not contribute anything to the conversation

So plan to be consistent and attract your niche market with value content. If you don’t do these two things then that is your first biggest mistake.

2.Not Building Your Own Brand and Assets. 

There is nothing like building your personal brand. The backbone to doing this is your Blog and Email List. Why?You will always own these two things, no one can take them away from you. While Social Media platforms are necessary to help build your brand, don’t make the mistake of just relying on using them alone to build your business and brand. You don’t own these and anything can happen. Remember what happened to My Space. people built up their brand and business on this platform, then lost it all when it disappeared.

You have no control over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the others.

3.Auto-Scheduling across Different Platforms

It is so easy to think you are saving time and doing great content by using one of the automated scheduling tools available. In reality you are doing more harm as people tend to consume content differently across all social media platforms. Republishing a post automatically on other accounts is lazy and shows that you don’t understand that platforms uniqueness. Take the time to post your content separately to each platform, your niche market will appreciate this this as it shows you care that little bit more, that you are involved with them, than by just doing an auto post

4.Pinching Content (Without Crediting).

It’s one of those unwritten rules that everyone needs to adhere to. Never steal or download content or posts, apart from not being ethical, by not asking for permission, or not giving proper credit could lead you into a legal situation. It’s better not to post at all than to post stolen content.

 5.No Lead Generation Strategy

The whole purpose of online marketing is to build your brand and audience. Don’t rely on Facebook 100%. You don’t have full control over Facebook.  Use it to drive traffic to your blog/website or opt in pages, to get your newsletter and updates. This is what is going to pay huge dividends long term and is a great way to stay in contact with them.


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