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You don’t need to be an expert to launch a blog on any given topic — I have discovered that people are just as willing to follow a newbie’s journey in blogging about their niche and sharing their knowledge than they are to read a blog from a self-proclaimed expert.

I’ve learnt from my beginnings that one of the best ways to market is by attraction marketing.

What does this mean? Well, basically, to get  people to start following you, you need to show authority in what you are blogging. You also need to gain the know,like and trust factor so that people will trust what you promote and buy from you. After all, that is the ultimate goal.

If you can show them you know what you’re talking about, you are now the authority. Be honest, show commitment, and be humble, especially when you reply to your comments.

How Long Does It Take ?

The good news is it doesn’t take years or even months to do, you can do it very fast.

Here are the a few tips to leverage content to create authority.

1. Teaching Creates Authority Through Blogging.

One of the biggest fears of blogging for a newbie is that they think they need to have the results to teach.

This is far from the truth. There are many teachers teaching things they haven’t actually done themselves in life. Ask yourself this. Did your teacher ever go through the eye of a cyclone? 99.9% that answer is no!   Yet they are standing in front of the class teaching about cyclones and their destructive powers.

So how can they teach you that in class? Because they invested in themselves, they read it,learnt it, and now they teach it.

It’s really simple, just don’t feel you have to have results to do it.

2. Know your Niche Market Well.

You can’t fake it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you have to be an expert on every topic, just know it well enough to communicate the solution and information on what you blog about.

People can tell if you have the passion and knowledge on what you are teaching. Showing up on conference or video calls, attending live events, training webinars. Investing in courses and training will only make you better and more knowledgeable.

The paramount phrase from the expert on blogging, Ray Higdon, ILT…….Invest, Learn, Teach!

Do this and you will build authority quickly.


If you want to create authority in your niche market you have to blog consistently. It’s no good blogging each week or every few days then taking a few weeks off, and your audience doesn’t know what’s happened. Most people are used to routine and if you are blogging every second day and then take time off your audience will look elsewhere to find answers to their problems. At the very least make a short post or status to keep your audience in the loop.

4. Show Your Results.

Obviously if you are just starting out then this may not be viable, but as you go along publish your achievements, no matter how small, because there are always people looking for the right path to take and if you have found it then they want to know about it. Same with good products or services that you found and use. That’s what affililate marketing is all about, if you can  create content doing a review of a product and refer it to your audience they will love you for it.

Not only will it solve their problems but they will then start to ask you for your opinion before buying. This creates authority for you, benefits them, and it will pay you many times over.


I hope these tips are helpful. A great course to do is Ray Higdons 3 minute expert. It gives you everything you need to become a successful blogger. He would know as he went from foreclosure to 8 figure earner and blogging is what he is known for. He has also thrown in a ton of bonuses as well, since I bought it, so it’s even greater value now.

Check it out HERE

When you build authority, and share value to your niche market you will build your business quickly.


Good Luck.




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